Shaper and Mechanist

by Headscan

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Shaper And Mechanist more than fulfills the promises made on the High Orbit Pioneers demo, a demo whose strength landed the Montreal duo on Canada’s ArtOfFact Records (it’s nice to see a Canadian electronic band on a Canadian electronic label, too).
Headscan exhibit a colossal understanding of electronic music and its power, as well as a remarkable grasp on the genre’s forbears. Influences from the likes of, but not limited to, Lassigue Bendhaus and Jean-Michel Jarre are readily apparent, though the band come nowhere near pure imitation, rather updating these sounds with a solidly futuristic flair.

Silent Running explodes with a massively stylish sheen, pulsing and drenched in techno atmospherics, the song sets the stage for the very futuristic themes of the album. Indeed, the album title is adapted from the science fiction writings of Bruce Sterling and the lyrics of Christian and Claude are highly literary and intelligently written. Body Of Memory intones “we set sail for the future” and Christian sings of future lands; the entirety of Shaper And Mechanist is pure futurism, something noticeably missing or poorly dealt-with in much of today’s electro music.

The mind-reeling epic Immortal, a colossus of beats and racing sequencers, with Christian’s vocoder-like voice buried in the mix, surrounded by howling and warbling sound effects is an obvious highlight, likewise the blindingly fast techno of Orbit Shift is utterly dynamic. While vocally Headscan never disappoint, Components is Christian’s pinnacle performance, where is voice soars with vivacity. Much of Shaper And Mechanist shimmers with a futuristic glimmer and sleekness, even the pounding aggression of Bluten has a polished sound, despite the crushing beats and screaming samples, which is contrasted nicely with the symphonic touches and casual trip-hop languish of Submariner. These sounds and textures are revisited on Gravity Well, which is highly reminiscent of Forma Tadre in the underwater-like scope of grandeur. - Electroage 2002


released June 28, 2001



all rights reserved


Headscan Montréal, Québec

Where the spirit meets the mechanical

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Track Name: Silent Running
no matter where oblivious in
shadows of since you left away all one's sight
is on being here

no matter where oblivious in shadows once you
came to stay so much has changed here

some ones might never learn
someone's will never wonder love
some forever so real we never
something in winter came to me

sentient love so many time I've seen it die
sensory feeding useless lies to me now
sentient times so many lives have been then
died memory feeding useless lies to me now
Track Name: Body of Memory
emulated vibration of fluid reception
recall of future land
billions of minds
screaming of life
digital random dreams floating in tactile memories
eyeless shape glowing face motoring
Track Name: Singularity
see and believe the circle went down
sights maybe we wont die
remember me in no man's land what becomes severed
the time to be alone to live it we belong to be alone
it will never stop the need to be one
answer we believe alone to be alone
Track Name: Component
center lanes a winter life for
components of lies someone surrendered

century of wonderments for what we've all seen
dive in/and surrender

centuries of silent nights being dancers of light
beat of the components

surfing wonderland something deeper where all
is like the northern lights
Track Name: Orbit Shift
feel undone
move to another plane
embrace the time to come
orbiting another sun

process of evolution culture
human patterns movement of nature
elevate online evolve over time
satellites above us are flowing by transference
Track Name: Submariner
Assuming my destiny meant
To wonder to be far/alone dreaming of endless
Mountains over a seafloor area

Assuming my destiny ment to wonder to be
Far/alone something to reflect then meet thy
Own conscience

My heart is built around a stream generator hi-tech
Submarinesailor duplicates feeling to hold us together

I am a prisoner of pressure dreaming alone,
I am a prisoner in this strange new world

Sometimes i believe in a way wish i could wake
Up and see you belong in heaven

Enough said off to the gate to the dark tonight
Don't leave like that